Online papers on quantum consciousness

(and related topics).


1. D. Bohm. A new theory of the relationship between mind and matter.

2. S. Hameroff. "Funda-mentality": Is the conscious mind subtly linked to a basic level of the universe?

3. S. Hameroff. Quantum computing in microtubules: An intraneural correlate of consciousness?

4. S. Hameroff, R. Penrose. Conscious events as orchestrated space-time selections.

5. S. Hameroff, R. Penrose. Orchestrated objective reduction of quantum coherence in brain microtubules: The "Orch OR" model for consciousness.

6. S. Hameroff, A. Scott. A Sonoran afternoon: Dialogue on quantum mechanics and consciousness.

7. H. Stapp. The hard problem: A quantum approach.

8. H. Stapp. Why classical mechanics cannot naturally accommodate consciousness but quantum mechanics can.

9.H. Stapp. Science of consciousness and the hard problem.

10. G. Globus. Quantum consciousness is cybernetic.

11. S. Klein. Is quantum mechanics relevant to understanding consciousness?

12. B.J. Baars. Can physics provide a theory of consciousness?

13. M. Pitkanen. TGD inspired theory of consciousness.

14. M. Pitkanen. The problem of psychological time.

15. M. Pitkanen. Objectivity of the sensory experience and the generalization of the quantum jump concept.

16. M. Pitkanen. Solutions to some paradoxes of consciousness and quantum physics.

17. M. Pitkanen. The problem of identifying the quantum correlates of sensory qualia.

18. M. Pitkanen. Quantum criticality, 1/f noise and consciousness.

19. M. Pitkanen. Negentropy maximization principle and TGD inspired theory of consciousness.

20. M. Pitkanen. A model for soul.

21. E.M Ivanov. Quantum and subjective.

22. K. Ludwig. Why the difference between quantum and classical physics is irrelevant to the mind/body problem.

23. A. Byrne, N. Hall. Chalmers on consciousness and quantum mechanics.

24. C. Clarke. The nonlocality of mind.



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